[Q. Solved] Which Of The Following Describes A Developing Nation?

 A developing nation is known by many names. It is also known as underdeveloped country and also as less economically developed country.

It is a country which has a low Human Development Index and traditional economy. It has fewer industries when compared to countries like USA or UK.

Developing nations are very large in numbers. One can think of India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka as developing nations. They do not have proper infrastructure. They are dirty and not well maintained. Illiteracy is very high among the population. There is no clean water to drink. There is a lot of pollution. In the list of the most polluted cities in the world, India has most of its cities in the list.

People practice very poor hygiene. There is a lack of proper sanitation. People in villages do not prefer to use toilets. Rather they go out to defaecate in the open. There is a lack of electricity as there isn't much production of energy in these countries. 

Due to the illiteracy, people are mostly ignorant towards their health. They often suffer from various diseases but chose not to consult a doctor. There is always a lack of recreation. This is one of the reasons for such a high population count in these countries. There is a lot of corruption in these countries. The only way the system works is if you bribe the person concerned or your work will never be completed.

People in these countries have a very low income. They are usually not able to enjoy most luxuries in life. 

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