30 Uses of Crystalline Solids

 The structural units (atoms, molecules, ions) are arranged in a definite pattern. The pattern is repeated throughout the solid. Crystalline solids have definite geometric configuration which is characteristic of the nature of the substance. They are regarded as true solids.

In this post you will learn about the uses and applications of crystalline solids.

Firstly, we shall look into the examples of crystalline solids and find out what each crystalline solid is used for.

The 10 Examples of Crystalline Solids are

  1. Quartz
  2. Calcite
  3. Sugar
  4. Diamonds
  5. Mica
  6. Lithium Chloride
  7. Calcium fluoride
  8. Silicon dioxide
  9. Alum
  10. Common Salt

Uses and Applications of Crystalline Solids

Uses of Quartz

Uses of Quartz

Quartz is a hard, crystalline mineral which is made up oxygen and silicon. It is a major component of rocks. Naturally in their purest form they are white, but they can also be found in different colors. 

Quartz is used in making Jewelry and gemstones. Quartz is an excellent material for this purpose because of it hard, polishable, crystalline and durable nature.

It is used in glassmaking, in watches and clocks, metal casing industry, refractory industry, abrasives, petroleum industry, kitchen countertops, sharpening tools, crucibles, electronics, filler, ceramic industry and in making synthetic crystals.

Uses of Calcite

Uses of Calcite

Calcite is an extremely common rock forming mineral found throughout the world in sedimentary, metamorphic, and igneous rocks.

It finds uses in the paper industry, paint industry, tire (wheel industry), plastic industry, ceramic industry, water treatment industry, construction industry to name a few.

It is also used as animal feed, as a glass-glass glue and as explosives.

Few other sectors in which calcite is used are:
  • Medicine
  • Cosmetic
  • Joint material
  • Oil refineries
  • Wire production
  • In Leather industry to remove animal hair.

Uses of Sugar

Uses of Sugar

As you might know sugar is an irreplaceable ingredient in food. But did you know that it has many more uses other than being used as a sweetener?

Uses of sugar In Medicine

Used as an antioxidant, to cure hiccups, relief from bee stings and bug bites, relief from spicy or hot foods, sooths sore throat and healing wounds.

Uses of sugar In beauty

It is used as body scrubs, and in cosmetics. 

Uses of sugar In home and garden

It is used to scrub grease and acts an abrasive. It also helps in stain removal and keeps baked items fresh. Sometimes it is also used as a preservative. Oil and grease are very easily removed by using sugar on clothes that have them. 

Uses of sugar In industries and agriculture

It is used in building material, bioplastics, paper products, electricity, cleaning products, cement, glue etc.

Uses of Diamond

Uses of Diamond

Diamond is an allotrope of carbon. It is the hardest substance that is found on earth naturally. Only 30 per cent of the diamonds mined around the world are gem quality.

The most common use of diamond is in the jewelry industry. It is used in engagement rings, earrings and other fine jewelry.

Diamond is also used in industries because of its strength. As mentioned before, that only a few diamonds that are mined are of gem quality, rest that are mined are used in industries.

Diamond is mostly used for cutting, drilling and polishing.

Due to its strength they find use in automotive parts parts production.

Diamonds also have certain health benefits. Recent research tells us that nano diamonds may be an indicator of the effectiveness of cancer medication once administered to patients allowing doctors to monitor the progression of the cells.

It is also being looked into as a potential material for bionic eyes and eyes implant.

Diamonds are used in audio equipment as well.

Uses of Mica

Uses of Mica

Mica is found in large quantities in India. It is found in various kinds of igneous and metamorphic rocks such as granites and granodiorites. The most commercially important types of mica are muscovite and phlogopite.

Mica is used in construction of buildings. It is also used as pigment extender. It is also used in communication devices, lenses, breathing apparatus etc.

Mica is used in different forms. It is used in the form of powder, sheets, mineral etc.

Mica mineral is a non-toxic material. It finds many uses in cosmetics. It has a very shiny texture.

Mica is very good insulator of electricity and a good thermal conductor and is also temperature resistant. This is why they are used in various electrical appliances such as control devices, and other lighting equipment. It is also used in medicine, especially for the treatment of respiratory and digestion related diseases.

Uses of Lithium Chloride

Uses of Lithium Chloride

It is used for for the preparation of lithium metal by electrolysis. It is used as brazing flux for aluminum in automobile parts, as a desiccant in drying air streams, organic synthesis, precipitate RNA from cellular extracts, as a flame colorant, as a relative humidity standard in the calibration of hygrometers and also as hygrometer itself.

It is also used as an aversive agent in lab animals to study conditioned place preference and aversion.

Uses of Calcium Fluoride

Uses of Calcium Fluoride

It is used as gemstone, to manufacture optical components such as windows and lenses, used in thermal imaging systems, telescopes, lasers spectroscopy and as thermoluminescent dosimeters.

Uses of Silicon Dioxide

Uses of Silicon Dioxide

It is used as fining agent in juice, used in pharmaceutical tablets, toothpaste, anti-caking agent in powdered food, production of glass, hydraulic fracturing in its crystalline form. It is widely used in semiconductors. It is also used in production of concrete, cosmetics etc.

Uses of Alum

Uses of Alum

It is used in the purification of drinking water, adjuvant in vaccines, pickling agent, flame retardant, skin whitener, toothpaste, modeling clay and it finds a lot of use in medicine.

It is used to manage bleeding gums, gingivitis, pyorrhea, tonsilitis, pharyngitis, piles vaginal inflammation, renal and bladder stones etc.

Uses of Common Salt

Uses of Common Salt

Common salt is also known as sodium chloride. 

It is used to season food, curing and preserving meats, marinating food, cleaning, removing stains, salting roads to melt ice.

It finds a wide range of application in medicine. It is used in IV drips, saline flush injections, nasal drops, cleaning wounds, eye drops etc.

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